Don’t Miss the Boat

Genesis 7:15-24

Where were you earlier this week as the rain came flooding our area?  I feel it’s a safe assumption to say most of us (the smart ones) were inside somewhere. I was watching from my office window as the water came pounding down on our church building. I was very thankful that I wasn’t one of those construction workers running to find shelter or safety but rather I had already found it

I’m sure that Noah and his family felt the same way. They were safe and secure in the boat that God told them to make. They were thankful that God shut the door of the boat after they were all safely aboard. I imagine that they were also thankful that they listened to Noah’s advice and got on the boat in the first place, despite feeling skeptical or afraid of what lies ahead.

Noah didn’t miss the boat because his heart belonged to God. He was totally surrendered to God, completely and uncontrollably given over to doing whatever God wanted him to do. You also must get safely aboard God’s boat—choosing His plan for your life—instead of going your own way. Have you relinquished your life to God and all that He has for you?

Obedience always makes you feel safer both physically and spiritually. Society lays down laws for our own safety, and God does the same with the commands He gives us in the Bible.

Will you choose His way or your own way?