Dream On

Genesis 37:1 – 17

When Joseph’s brothers saw him coming to check on them in the fields, they called him the “dreamer” (v. 19). They weren’t too happy to see him, and they applied the term “dreamer” with envy and disdain in their hearts. Regardless of what they said, Joseph did have a God-given dream for his life and he could not deny it. A dreamer is someone who has ideas or schemes that could be considered impractical. In a real sense, a dreamer is someone who is not satisfied with things the way they are and believes that he can see a better way and a brighter future. Our world desperately needs some spiritual dreamers. We need visionaries who can envision a better tomorrow for those who have nothing. You also need this in a spiritual sense. If you can dream God’s dream for your life, you can make this world a better place because you will have allowed Christ to live His life through you. Joseph was a man who allowed God to flow through him. As a result, he touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and nations were impacted for God because of his testimony. Don’t tread wearily in your Christian life with no hopes and dreams! At least dream of doing something for God! God has put in the heart of every single believer a special calling and a dream; it will be up to each person to act on it. This calling and the magnitude of every dream will be different for each person, nevertheless, it is there, and it is important. God can take your gifts and abilities and use them to accomplish His work; you don’t have to be a genius or extra-talented or rich to do something for Him. He can use you right where you are, just as he used Joseph.
• Notice how quickly Joseph obeyed his father in verse 13. How quickly do you obey your heavenly Father?
• What hopes or dreams do you have for your life? How could God help you to fulfill them?