Tadd and Angela Elliott have been a part of the youth staff for four years.  They came on board after moving back to Ashland from Colorado, where they had spent a few years helping a new church plant.  Tadd and Angela have been at Calvary for 17 years and have five children.  Outside of The Walk, Tadd serves as a deacon at CBC and both are involved in various facets of church ministry.  They love to see the Lord at work in the lives of the teenagers!

Tadd & Angela ElliottElliott's

Dave & Missy EatonEaton's

Dave and Missy Eaton are in their fourth year as part of our youth staff.  They have been married for 15 years and have two daughters.  They have served as bus captains in the past and have helped teach children’s Sunday School classes as well. Outside of their involvement in The Walk, Dave is a part of the audio team at CBC and Missy helps in the nursery.  Dave and Missy look forward to seeing how God continues to transform the lives of teenagers!

Rian and Candace are in their seventh year as part of The Walk youth staff.  They have one young son and are thrilled to be a part of the student ministry here at Calvary, a ministry they both were part of as teenagers.  Rian and Candace have been bus captains in the past as well as taking part in many other ministries.  Outside of their responsibilities with the youth, Rian coaches the church softball team, Candace is part of the church cleaning team, and both help teach in children’s church.  The Koch’s have a blast hanging out with the teenagers and are excited to see teens grasp hold of God’s will and live for Him!

Rian & Candace KochKoch's

Jed & Tiffany Smith

Jed and Tiffany Smith are in their second year as part of the The Walk youth staff. They have been members at Calvary for 12 years and have three young children. Outside of The Walk, they both are involved in various aspects of church ministry such as bus ministry, toddler church and choir. They love to see teens grow in their relationship with the Lord and make life decisions that honor and please God.  

Dan has been a part of the youth staff for over five years and continues to be an encouragement amongst the teenagers.  He and his wife Trisha have two young children and serve the Lord faithfully in the ministries of CBC.  Outside of his responsibilities in The Walk, Dan and his wife teach the toddler class on Sunday mornings.  Dan is excited to use his gifts for the Lord and loves to see teens impacted by the Word of God!

Dan DurieuxDan Durieux